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Lifesave is a Safety Health Environmental, Quality and Business (SHEQ) Management consulting company focused on ensuring clients meet and exceed legislative requirements and standards on SHEQ matters while at the same time empowering them with the knowledge, systems and processes to self-manage into the future.

Mission Statement

To set the standard for a practical and affordable services and products to industries, corporations and businesses in managing Occupational Safety, Health, Environment and Quality management within the clients’ diverse working contexts throughout Malawi.

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Work Health & Safety

Effective management of work health & safety...

Education & Training

This can help you and your team to become...

Quality Management

Managing your business should encompass...

Disaster Risk Response

Reducing underlying risk factors involves...

Environmental Management

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What We Do

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Disaster Risk Response

Reducing underlying risk factors involves, among other things, improving building safety and the protection of critical lifeline infrastructure, sustainable management of the environment and natural resources and aligning disaster risk reduction to climate change adaptation.

24/7 365 DAYS

Education & Training

Many businesses and the people in them are struggling right now because they haven’t learnt the power of flexibility. They continue to live in the past. They are scared to move forward. And why? Because they do not have the confidence to do so. They are afraid of failure. They doubt themselves.

Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic

We acknowledge the risks to life brought about by Covid-19, as such, we enforce all the preventive measures put in place to protect our clients and employees from contracting the deadly virus. Our employees work from home and in shifts in order to mitigate the spreading of the virus. Moreover, we constantly remind our employees and customers on the need to observe social distancing, put on masks, sanitize and wash hand frequently as well as avoiding touching their eyes, nose and mouth. In addition, we have limited the movement of our employees as well as clients by conducting meeting online, limiting physical contact to only where it is necessary. We further request our clients to follow suit whenever visiting.