About Us

Our Philosophy

Taking good care of humanity and the environment has a huge impact on the success of any business because a health workforce is a motivated workforce and a safe and clean environment catalyst for growth and development. As such, such service to humanity and the environment should be a primary concern in every business endeavour. We are here to offer such services and products.

Mission Statement

To set the standard for a practical and affordable services and products to industries, corporations and businesses in managing Occupational Safety, Health, Environment and Quality management within the clients’ diverse working contexts throughout Malawi.


Our vision is to become a household name in the provision of Professional and innovative Occupational Safety, Health and Environment and Quality Management solutions in all contexts in Malawi.


Lifesave is a Safety Health Environmental, Quality and Business (SHEQ) Management consulting company focused on ensuring clients meet and exceed legislative requirements and standards on SHEQ matters while at the same time empowering them with the knowledge, systems and processes to self-manage into the future.

Main Objective

Our main objective is to offer excellent and affordable services and products to industries, corporations and businesses in accordance with our client’s needs, risk profile and working environment in a language that our clients’ understand.

  • To provide a holistic approach to occupational safety, health, environment and quality management.
  • To facilitate SHEQ instruction, information and training.
  • To develop comprehensive and pragmatic solutions to clients’ problems and concerns.
  • To be flexible in our delivery approach by offering both personal and professional services and products.
  • Being flexible in our approach and offering a personal and professional service. This can only be achieved through close cooperation of management, employees and our professional associates.

    Our Commitment to Our Clients

    We believe that every project starts with a conversation, thus, from the very first call we are committed to rendering a great service to our clients. We acknowledge that the market is customer-centric, as such; we are committed to continuously improve our services and products in an efficient and effective manner. We are quality driven and strive for ongoing service improvement, working hard and smart to understand our clients and their specific needs so that when we say what we will do for our clients, we will do what we say and more.

    Our Policy

    We are committed to delivering an integrated, quality and professional service and products through adherence to, and improvement of our Quality Management System. We continuously strive to be leaders in our industry, providing value added services and products, and sensitizing the workforce at all levels of their legal and moral responsibilities. Life Save assists management in identifying areas of concern through audits, surveys, training, consultancies and risk assessments and further advises management on counteractive action to minimize risk. We use modern communication skills to keep Employers and Employees updated with knowledge, changes and news within the Occupational SHEQ discipline.

    We Aim at Giving Your Desired Service

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