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Earlier this year the WHO has declared the current outbreak of the infectious coronavirus termed COVID 19, as a public health pandemic of international concern (WHO 2020). This highly infectious virus continues to take its trajectory throughout the world infecting thousands of people with new cases being identified every day. There is a critical need to ensure that the spread of the disease is prevented globally.

In Malawi, the previous administration of the State President of the Republic, Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, declared a national state of disaster and introduced measures to contain the spread of the disease including various 0 movement restrictions. Today, the new administration under Dr. Lazarus Chakwera has taken up the challenge and instituted even stricter measures to ensure containment of the disease. However, with no ‘national lock-down’ implemented, the disease will continue to take its epidemiological course throughout the country. With currently over 3000 confirmed and registered cases by the Ministry of Health, the figure continues to grow, making Malawi the second highest infected country in the SADC region after South Africa. As individuals move up and about their duties, they will continue infecting and re-infecting each other further skewing the curve exponentially. More especially in consideration to the estimation by the Ministry of Health (MOH) that local transmission presents a greater risk than imported cases.

In this critical time, it becomes highly expedient for work places to implement stringent public health measures in order to avoid further spread of the disease. Lifesave Limited is working in the sector of occupational health and safety in this critical time, implementing safety practices that will ensure the protection of critical infrastructure workers. This proposal is presented to highlight the specific areas that Lifesave is currently working in and seeks to partner with your organization to ensure that public health is conserved at the work place.

1. Training

With the backing of our highly qualified and duly certified personnel on hygiene and sanitation with regards to ISO 18001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001, Lifesave is conducting training of employees in courses related to COVID- 19 as a public health measure for the prevention of disease spread. Our consultants, Mr. Constance, internationally certified Safety Auditor and Mrs. Msungeni, a Health and Safety Lecturer have more than 10 years of SHEQ experience between them in various sectors and have conducted various projects and studies in the area. They implement a holistic approach to training with a needs assessment initially conducted to validate needs and ensure that the training is responsive to the individual needs. This capacity building exercise takes into consideration the company specifics such as number of employees and takes the necessary measures to prevent the spread of the virus across the workplace as training is conducted. The materials for this tailor-made training will be provided to the company once training is completed and proper certification will be issued. In addition, Lifesave monitors and takes internal audits to establish the effectiveness of the safety procedures at your work place by deploying health personnel, cleaners and security office.

2. COVID-19 Worker Protection Policy Development

We also provide the technical expertise in the development of COVID-19 specific policies on worker protection. The policies aligned to international and national standards, are developed with a futuristic focal view to cover COVID-19 and any possible disease outbreaks in the future. The policies are developed to be living documents that can be reviewed at specified intervals to suit the dynamics of the disease.

3. Employee Pre-screening

Lifesave conducts employee pre-screening of workplaces as the first line of isolating possible infection suspects in order to prevent the spread of the virus. Lifesave mans all routes of entry with the relevant technologies to maintain proper traffic control and ensure proper screening of all employees. This ensures the proper monitoring of all employees in measures to prevent the spread of the disease.

4. Disinfection of Work Places

Disinfection of public places in outbreaks is a highly effective measure in preventing disease spread. Highly infectious diseases such as COVID-19 can be effectively prevented using the proper disinfection facilities. Lifesave conducts routine disinfection of facilities often used by various individuals and ensures proper cleaning of high risk areas including whole person disinfection upon entry and exit of facilities. In the event of companies having outsourced services, Lifesave works hand in hand with the team to ensure comprehensive coverage with people of the relevant skills to manage highly infectious disease prevention and control. In addition, Lifesave conducts vehicle disinfection for the company’s fleet. For the disinfection Lifesave utilizes EPA- registered disinfectants for cleaning purposes. In addition the disinfection follows the recently produced guidelines by the MOH as well other applicable international standards.

5. Hour Emergency Response

Lifesave operates a 24 hour emergency response program that covers all types of emergencies ranging from fire emergencies, disease outbreak emergencies, disaster response etc. In response to the COVID -19 outbreak, Lifesave is operating a complete 24 hour program which is inclusive of medical response with a 24 hour ambulance service.

6. Severe Acute Respiratory Infection (SARI) Treatment Facility Design

In response to the growing need for the design and development of SARI treatment facilities in the wake of the pandemic, our well-trained workforce has speciality in design and instalment of SARI treatment facilities. This has been observed to be very critical in the country as the virus takes its trajectory throughout the country, there will be high demand for facilities that will especially be designed for the management of COVID-19. The Lifesave team has been trained in development of such facilities drawing from their experience with working with contractors erecting the drug storage facilities with MOH.

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