Lifesave Covid-19 Statement

As the pandemic unravels its ugly head across the Globe and more numbers in Africa get infected, Lifesave would like to remind all of its clients to stay safe during this period. It makes good business sense to ensure that you maintain your good health in these trying times and ensure that you emerge in your best of health after the pandemic. At Lifesave we are working at the frontiers of prevention as it implements its first responder programs. Keeping our employees and customers safe is our goal in continuous safety business. We are implementing the following measures in our bid to flatten the curve and protect both our employees and clients:

We have allowed most of our employees to work from home in efforts to keep them safe from the pandemic. We have made arrangements that would enable them to safely work from home and be able to report for duties should the need arise. Only the critical employees are allowed to come to work, albeit with reduced hours of work and other administrative controls such as working in shifts.

At Lifesave we are distributing PPE to all our clients as a means of ensuring that they are kept safe in the midst of this crisis. We are therefore requesting all clients to avail themselves at our offices if you were missed during the early May distribution.

Lifesave continues to monitor the dynamics of this ever-changing pandemic and making the information available to our clients. Brochures, flyers and other Covid-19 hygiene and sanitation communication tools are distributed to ensure that our customers remain informed on measures taken to keep themselves safe in this critical time. Updates will be provided as the need arises.

We are currently suspending all non-essential travel and events for the next few monthly until the WHO and Centres for Disease control advise the safety of resuming such operations. The events have included launch of new products and any in person meetings. We will be carrying out these meetings remotely, hence all requirements have been met to ensure that the meetings still remain possible.

Lifesave is conducting safety audits for its interested customers with the aim of conducting checks and balances on office hygiene and sanitation preventions methods. In this regard we conduct compliance checks throughout the office environment and suggest corrective actions for lapses of sound preventive methods.

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