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Earlier this year Lifesave was subcontracted to undertake a research consultancy to investigate the knowledge, capacity and skills of young women and their allies to engage and influence macro-economic policies and frameworks including debt management from a feminist perspective to achieve economic justice for women.

The main contractor was Naxiluva Consulting led by Tambudzai Gleda Muzenda appointed by the Feminist Macro Economics Alliance - Malawi (FEAM) which is a women’s rights centred coalitioncomprised of Actionaid Malawi, NGO Gender Coordination Network (NGOGCN), Malawi Human Rights Resource Centre (MHRRC), Every Girl in School Alliance (EGISA) and Activista Youth Network. As a subcontractor, Lifesave was in charge of conducting two FGDs, one in Blantyre Rural, one in Blantyre Urban. For Blantyre urban we conducted it at the Polytechnic University, this was before schools were closed due to COVId-19. For Blantyre Rural we had individuals from Mpemba.

The study was expected to draw audience from various groups representing feminists such as young women in Agriculture, female students from Universities, their parents and young women employed at Early Childhood Centres (ECDs). They came together to discuss pressing issues of macro economics such as the various services that are available to them in terms of health, agriculture and education, the challenges in their access to these, their roles in influencing policy development and their roles in women activism.

The two FGDs conducted yielded very insightful concepts drawn from the women facing various experiences in Macro-economics of the country. The elaborated more on the challenges they are experiencing in the education, health and agriculture and it provided recommendations for the Government of Malawi to undertake if more gains have to be realized from the sectors trickling down to the person in the most remote areas. In essence, the study was well organized and thoughout, and the experience gained so far was invaluable.

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